Traditional methods of making Sculpture

Damien's intent is to pass on his knowledge and skills to each student so that ultimately those who so desire may be equipped to become a professional practising sculptor.

His practical focus is to promote excellence in traditional clay modelling, plaster mould making and casting, which provide the foundation & understanding needed to fully develop one’s potential. He also teaches stone carving and construction methods for interested students. The study of the figure and nature in general is encouraged, as is as an ongoing exploration of the abstract. Drawing is the fundamental discipline of all the visual arts, and it is taught concurrently with the sculpture practise.

Each student is respected as an individual with their own specific needs and requirements, and their ability to meet these needs is developed by building skills which help them to take achievable steps along their personal path of learning and creating.

- the student is set progressive challenges in each project that they undertake, as they acquire skills & develop as a unique & independent sculptor.

Workshop Class

Life Study

Intensive Workshops




“ Damien learned his craft under the best sculptors in Australia, most notably, the great Tom Bass. As one of Damien's students, I feel privileged that I am a beneficiary of all this wonderful knowledge. I have been sculpting under Damien's tutelage for 18 months, and have become a devotee of this amazing art form. I have learned about both carving and modelling, and have completed several works, with two works currently in progress. At this point in time, I have cast in plaster and cement and, soon, also in resin. I have also worked with sandstone. I have had the very best of experiences and opportunities with Damien as my teacher. I cannot at times believe I have come so far as I have. It seems to me to have been a seamless progression, with Damien quietly encouraging and allowing me to develop at my own pace, yet pushing my limits out further and further. I asked him once, "How do you know when a work is finished?". Well, I found out that a work is not finished when the student first thinks it is! It is when Damien, as an experienced sculptor and teacher, has taken his student as far as that student can go beyond their previous benchmark. I have learned to respect Damien's judgement in this matter, because this is how i can confidently say to people, "I am a sculptor!". ”

- Jannese Parkes